After almost 25 years in business, it seemed an appropriate time to come up with our company mission statement.

It occurred to me early on in the process that, rather than try and come up with it “on my own,” since the definition of Cadre means “a skilled team working together to achieve results,” why not invite Team Cadre to a mission statement brainstorming session? (Pizza included, of course!).

The mission statement needed to encompass all three aspects of Cadre: 

  • Our internal team
  • Our applicants/external employees 
  • Our clients 

But not in a way that would be too lengthy for a mission statement. We wanted it to be short, to the point and uniquely Cadre.

Using the guidelines for what we were looking for:

  • Simple. Positive. Sincere. No Jargon. No Buzz Words.

Team Cadre went around the room and yelled out words they felt best described all three aspects.

After the brainstorming session, we focused in on the words that really stood out:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

At its essence, what Cadre really does is build teams. This applies as much internally as with our external employees and clients.

Growing isn’t something that ever completes or is finished, but rather is an ongoing process.  Change is constant.

The original meaning of “flourish” is literally “to flower”. A bloom is a “success”, but it isn’t a final product. Instead, the bloom produces the seeds of future growth.

Cadre’s mission statement was born:

We listen, we care

and we work together

to grow flourishing teams.

We encourage you to come grow with us!  Feel free to contact us at [email protected].