When we opened our doors in 1994 as Premier Staffing, our mission and values were simple.

The below wording is from the original sales folder we gave to our future clients:

  1. To operate a financially sound, profitable, ethical employment services business to serve the greater Fox Valley area of Wisconsin.
  2. To recruit and hire the very best, gifted, motivated, conscientious employees who are willing to be team-oriented, responsible to clients, Premier and themselves, and who wish to grow professionally and personally.
  3. To attract and build long lasting client relationships by providing the most cost-effective, timely, quality-focused service to help each client be successful.
  4. To be the best at what we do and to remain competitive – not by denigrating or disparaging our competitors, but by listening to our clients, responding to their needs, controlling our costs, respecting our employees, and simply doing what we say we’re going to do.
  5. Most important, to never lose sight of the fact that our customers and employees are the precious assets of our business and that, without either, we cannot exist.

We decided to change our name in 2001 because, since the word “Premier” is descriptive, it cannot be trademarked. We rebranded, naming the company “Cadre” after our team! Cadre means a skilled team working together to achieve results, and we felt that there was no better name to accurately describe our team and the vision we work tirelessly at achieving!

Recently, a new term has entered our Cadre vocabulary:  esprit de corps!

  • esprit de corps: team spirit; the sense of pride and honor shared by those in the same group or undertaking

Team Cadre is the embodiment of esprit de corps and I am honored to work alongside a fabulous group of people who dedicate themselves – day in and day out – to our clients, employees and applicants.

Thank you Team Cadre for believing in, and embracing, our mission and values!

Celebrating 25 years of esprit de corps!