It has been said that searching for a full-time job is a full-time job in and of itself. Even looking for a part-time job takes time. As you are looking for positions, have you ever wondered how to make your resume stand out to potential employers?

As a Personnel Interviewer, I interview candidates every day. I am always reviewing resumes to see how I can help others make their resume stand out to a client. Believe it or not, you have only about 30 seconds to a minute for an employer to review your resume!

Below are 5 rules to follow to create a flawless resume.

  1. You want to ensure that you have correct spelling, margins and spacing throughout your entire resume. Your attention to detail speaks wonders to potential employers.
  2. Make sure that your name stands out and is written in large text at the top, that any abbreviated words have been spelled out and that your email is a professional email address.
  3. If your education is pertinent to the position you are applying for, make sure that is at the top of your resume. If your education consists of a high school diploma, it is important for that to be on your resume, but the recommended placement is at the bottom, with no graduation date listed.
  4. Make sure any and all relevant work experience is highlighted with factual information for the potential employer. If some of your work history does not pertain to the position you are seeking, you may still list it on your resume under additional work experience.
  5. Lastly, it is important to include any accomplishments or activities you have participated in. Add this at the bottom of your resume so it is there for potential employers to see.

Try these tips out while you are looking for your new employment opportunity; it is important to catch the eye of potential employers and to feel confident in the resume you are submitting to them.