A co-worker recently told me a story about a group of people who placed a large order at a coffee shop and the next customer in line was annoyed because of how long it was going to take.

Large Group #1 offered to put Customer #2’s order on their order and pay their bill, to help expedite the order, and in doing so Customer # 2 was happily caught off guard. The mood completely changed and Customer #2 helped with the door and even helped Large Group #1 carry out their order!

The storyteller told my co-worker he lives by the motto “consideration is contagious.”

What a great motto it is, and one to keep in mind at all times … especially as we enter into the holiday season.

While we don’t necessarily need to pay for the purchases of the customer behind us :o) the message that “consideration is contagious” is an easy way to spread holiday (and every day) cheer!

  • Be kind
  • Be patient
  • Be empathic
  • Make eye contact and smile
  • Share with others the simple joy of being human

In doing so, we can share the motto of “consideration is contagious” with others.

From all of us at Team Cadre, enjoy the upcoming holiday season and embrace it in its entirety!