The amount of change we as a world have experienced in the last few months is unprecedented. We are living through the most historical time in our lives. While it would be so much easier to learn about this period in a history book, rather than living through it, try to think of it as a chance to evaluate your life. Are you truly happy with where you are right now? Or have all of these changes rocked you to your core and you are barely keeping the pieces together?

Whatever your views and situation may be, life as we all know it will never be the same. The cynical view would be that this is a negative thing, but when we shift our frame of the situation we can begin to see the positive that will come. We have learned that important things in life are not material: they are, rather, spending time with loved ones and being able to hug and be physically together. We are seeing the inequities that exist in our culture and are rising together to create a better future for the next generations to come.

2020 will be a historic year for many reasons. It has been a trying time and will continue to be. Try to focus on the good that will come from all of the change, and hopefully you too can begin to see the light during what many consider a dark time.