Summer is suddenly behind us! Every summer feels the same; it finally arrives and then we “go go go” so we can enjoy the warm – but always too short – summer season.

This year’s definition of “go go go” may be a little different than other years, due to the pandemic. As I reflect upon this summer’s activities, I’m amazed that it seems as if I did so little, yet I feel as though I never slowed down!

And then once again, fall approaches.

The change of seasons is Mother Nature’s way of reminding us of transitions. In our lives, our relationships and our jobs, the change of seasons gives us permission to view matters with a fresh perspective.

I recently came across a very appropriate quote:

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go. ~ Unknown

This upcoming change of season gives me pause. How do I make the most of this transition? What changes do I want to make? What am I am carrying around that I should let go of?

We tend to expend a lot of energy wishing things were different and trying to change things we have no control over. The change of seasons is a reminder that life does not “stay put”. As much as we would like everything to stay “as is”, that is not life.

We are all far better off embracing life’s changes than trying to resist those changes; how do we choose to react?

Philosophical musings aside, and in the spirit of positivity, I do look forward to my fall wardrobe. Thermal and flannel long sleeve shirts, boots and jeans will be a welcome addition to my pandemic wardrobe!

May you all see the beauty in the upcoming season and embrace what life has to offer!