I remember this moment as if it just happened.

It was March 12th, and my husband and I were in Florida. Earlier in the day, we’d been discussing whether or not to cut our trip short and come home. (We returned home March 14th.)

Around 8:15 p.m., I was sitting alone on the lanai, and out of the blue I said out loud, and with conviction, “I AM A FIGHTER!”

I had no idea at the time why my subconscious instructed me to say those words, but I quickly found out.

One week after returning home, my dad died. Two weeks later, my kids’ other grandpa died. Last month, my daughter and son-in-law’s beautiful baby boy – Levi David – was born an angel.

Sharing these painful moments in my life is not meant to gain sympathy – as each of us has had our own battles we’ve fought over the last 6 months – but rather, to remind us that WE ARE ALL FIGHTERS!

Being a fighter doesn’t mean we are unprepared; a fighter does not come out swinging blindly. To be a fighter, we must take care of our mind, our body and our spirit.

In order to prepare ourselves for our daily fights, we need to give ourselves permission to let go of things that do not serve us. To find peace in stillness.

The great Bruce Lee said, “It is not the daily increase but the daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.”

How each of us accomplishes this is individual; there is no one-size-fits-all in life. What works for me doesn’t necessary work for others. But what DOES work for me are bubble baths (which I fondly call bubblys) and yin yoga!

For those who do not embrace the bubbly lifestyle, you may as well skip to the next paragraph. Those are who are bubbly believers, listen up and do yourselves a big favor: draw a warm bath, add tons of bubbles, light a candle and relax. You know you won’t regret taking a little time for yourself!

I’ve been told by a friend and yoga instructor that I do not need to practice power yoga, as I am full of fire! She told me about a practice called yin yoga.

A few days after my dad died, and out of pure desperation to find an outlet for my “monkey mind”, I decided to give yin yoga a try. I typed into YouTube “yin yoga” and found a yogi named Travis Eliot. After one practice, I was hooked. It changed my life and I continue to practice several times a week, without fail.

To conclude, in order for all of us to continue to be fighters, to be strong in mind, body and spirit, we must carve out time for ourselves. Self-care is the name of the game in these crazy times, and in all times. In order to be our BEST self, we must care FOR ourselves. Find what works for you. Make YOU a priority.