Those of you who know me know that I am a big fan of inspirational quotes. I am passionate, and emotional, but sometimes what I “feel” does not always translate into the “right words”.

I’ve found that, at times, inspirational quotes help by visualizing / internalizing others’ words to help express my own emotions. When I find a good one, I am inspired to share with the world! :o)

That said, I happened upon a new quote last weekend:

  • When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. – Henry Ford

As I hail from Detroit, (I was born and raised in the Detroit Metro area until I was 7 years old, when my family moved to Wisconsin. All of my relatives – except my mom and two brothers – still live there.) I have an affinity for “all things Detroit”, particularly Henry Ford and his accomplishments. I have enjoyed many of Mr. Ford’s quotes over the years, but last weekend was the first I’d seen this one.

Mr. Ford’s inspirational quote hits home for all of us. We continue to navigate this crazy, mixed-up world, and at times it can feel as though we are in a constant battle, unable to move forward.

Hot off the heels of EAA, I found it to be a good time to learn why pilots take off against the wind, and it makes sense. The wind flows over the wings, and because of the resistance, it gives the plane additional lift to become airborne.

I also learned not only do pilots take off against the wind, but they also land into the wind.

With my newfound knowledge, and inspirational words from Henry Ford, it reminds me that without the wind in my life, I cannot achieve the height I desire.

I choose to embrace the wind, and I choose to soar!