In the last 25 years, Cadre has interviewed over 48,000 applicants and staffed over 35,000 office and professional positions throughout Wisconsin.

Of those 48,000 applicants interviewed, 33 people have posted negative reviews about Cadre on social media because they were unhappy with the outcome of their relationship with us.

As with any company, Cadre is a business made up of people. We occasionally do make mistakes, and when we do, we freely admit it, both in person and on social media.

Reviews are a way of life nowadays, and we accept that. We will not, however, apologize for false statements made about us, and we will substantiate our responses with the facts.

We understand that, in general, happy people do not post reviews. Instead, they share their positive experiences with friends and family, and directly with Team Cadre, which we greatly appreciate and we love the referrals you send our way, thank you!  :o)

We do appreciate, also, all the positive reviews people have shared on social media. But we have never, and will never, conduct a positive review campaign to solicit people to post positive reviews on our behalf. We prioritize our actual relationships with clients, applicants and employees – both internally and externally – over what is posted on social media. Please don’t allow yourself to miss out on great employment opportunities with Cadre because .006% of the applicants interviewed by Cadre over the last 25 years posted a bad review. Decide for yourself what is best for you and your career goals.

Contact us today at [email protected], and learn why so many thousands of your friends and neighbors have happily worked with Cadre over the past 25 years to achieve their career goals.