What types of jobs does Cadre offer?

Cadre specializes in office and professional employment. The positions we fill include accounting, administrative, banking, customer service, human resources, insurance, legal, purchasing, sales and many more!

Depending upon the needs of the client, these full and part time positions may be permanent, long term or short term. Our clients range from small businesses to large corporations, many of whom rely primarily on Cadre to fill their office and professional openings.

Because Cadre does not staff in the light industrial, manufacturing or food service industries, we are an excellent resource if you are looking for an office or professional position.

Are all your current job openings posted online?

At any given time, Cadre has hundreds of office positions we’re working on for our clients. Not all positions are posted, which is why it’s so important to register with Cadre so that you can hear about all the positions you are interested in and qualified for.

How do I send you my resume?

If you’re interested in registering with Cadre, you can send your resume to us at [email protected] and a Personnel Coordinator will reach out to you.

You are also welcome to call us to inquire how Cadre works.

What happens after I send you my resume?

We have a conversation with you to determine if we are the right service for you. After our initial conversation, an interview gets scheduled. As our interviews are comprehensive, Cadre does all interviews by appointment. We want to be sure there is enough time to do a thorough interview so that we can get to know you, your skills and your career objectives.

What takes place after I'm registered and have my interview with Cadre?
Once your registration process and interview is completed, we’ll conduct employment references and consider you for any and all positions we think you’d be a good a fit for and would be interested in. Cadre regularly presents potential job opportunities to our applicants, and we keep in touch with you via phone and email while you’re registered with us. If there’s a potential match, Cadre coordinates the interview with the client, gives and receives feedback from them, and makes the job offer to you.
Does Cadre offer benefits?

Yes! Cadre offers group health insurance, 401(k), holiday pay and anniversary bonus to its employees.

"Cadre has unparalleled customer service to their candidates, external hiring managers, external employees as well as their internal staff. I started off as a candidate of Cadre and they were assisting me in my job search and then I was offered the chance to work there internally. The staff at Cadre works hard to put themselves in the shoes of everyone they work with and that helps them to provide empathetic and effective service. They are truly in the business of helping others achieve their career goals as they were excellent at thinking outside of the box to throw out different employment opportunities to me and then let me decide what positions I was interested in pursuing. I was able to have my resume submitted over to multiple different employers so it was great that they were able to supercharge my job search. I was always very impressed at how many different and appealing positions they were able to talk to me about. They were always very timely in getting back to me and I felt they bent over backwards for me to make sure that I felt heard and that I was having a good experience."

- Chelsea H.

“I wanted to relocate to Wisconsin and happened on Cadre as a contract service by happy accident. With nearly ten years in the recruiting business, I can say that Cadre is a top-tier organization. They are professional, organized, and went to bat for me to get interviews on every occasion. I didn't really fit their typical profile but they worked with me anyway and even connected me to numerous, high-skill positions in the Oshkosh/Appleton area. They always followed up and closed the loop on any position I inquired about seriously. Benefits for contracts were good enough I almost moved anyway knowing I'd find steady, decent paying work until something high-skill came along. Anyone looking to break into the area or wanting some side-contract work in professional services should avail themselves to Cadre!”

- Tom R.

“Being a college student, I cannot express enough how working with Cadre has been so helpful in building my resume with office skills. The second I walked into Cadre I felt right at home. The whole registration process was very speedy and within a day after registering with Cadre, I had an interview and was offered a position! I have had 3 temporary positions through Cadre which has opened many doors for me for future employment. As good as career conferences are, I would definitely go through Cadre again to find positions. The networking I have done and the connections I have made will be a tremendous benefit for future career opportunities.”

- Jack S.

“I just want to reach out to say "Thank You" so much for your time, compassion, humbleness and grace yesterday.  All the ladies were so helpful and I am grateful. Not sure another agency can match Cadre's exceptional customer service and commitment.”

- Kathy C.

“I cannot believe I have been working for Cadre for three months already, and I will be starting full-time on Monday. I think the old adage "Time flies when you're having fun" certainly applies to this situation. I wanted to let you know I have been really impressed with the service received from Cadre. I am glad you encouraged me to look at a prospective employer. It has been a great opportunity for me and one that has led me to be hired on full time! Thank you for walking with me these past three months. I still remember telling you of my struggles as I was learning how to use the company's computer systems. My past three months have been very enjoyable. I think I have really grown to knowing the company's systems, collaborating with colleagues, and enhancing my accounting/computer skills. I think you live up to Cadre's goal of "Finding you the right job." I look forward to what the future holds for me. Please know I will keep Cadre in mind if I encounter someone I know looking for a job. I wish you the very best!”

- Tony H.

“Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, and I commend Cadre for being such a professional organization!  Do please feel free to use my comments too on any company websites you may have as an endorsement!”

- Mick M.

“During my time at Cadre I was able to grow as a person and a professional. Cadre has been a great working experience for me. The Madison office is very supportive and the management in Appleton has always been just a phone call away. I would recommend Cadre to any professional looking for a long term position. The management team always has an open door for their employees, clients and candidates. The company does not accept anything but excellent service for the people that they serve. The quality of service is regularly monitored to stay consistent. The expectations are clearly given. If you are looking for a company that will always be upfront and honest with you, supportive and is a fun and happy place to work, then I can’t recommend Cadre enough.”

- Reena B.