So, we are two and a half months into 2020; now is a good time to do some reflecting on the goals you set for the new decade. Have you kept all of your New Year’s resolutions? Or are you feeling the winter blues and falling back into your old routines? Many of us have the right intentions with our resolutions for the new year, but it is easy to fall off the wagon when you get into a winter slump. I want to let you know that it is not too late to pick back up on goals and dreams you had for the new year!

Maybe one of your resolutions was to find a job that better suits your skills. If this goal has fallen to the back burner with everything else you have going on, don’t fret! Cadre is here to help you find the perfect position. We can assist to alleviate the nervousness and anxiety that is often experienced when job searching. By serving as a second set of eyes and ears during the job search, we can help you get back on track with your goal of finding a new position.

If the winter blues are hitting you especially hard this year, be sure to reach out for help. Many people are feeling the same way and there is comfort in knowing you are not alone. Self-care is so important and should be a priority in your life. Looking for your next job can often be a stressful time. You should practice self-care and take time for yourself in ways that allow you to relax. Whether that is through physical exercise, spending time with friends and family, or just being outside, taking care of yourself should always come first.