At Cadre, we pride ourselves on our customer service and follow-up.  If we tell you we are going to get back to you, by “X day/time”, we will do so, even if it’s to say “I don’t have an answer yet”.   We want to be genuine in getting back to you and letting you know we have not forgotten about you and we are doing our best.

Follow-up is so important and applies not only to staffing, but also to many different aspects of everyday life.  If you go on a date, you expect a reply to see how the other person feels. When you order something online, you want to know where your package is at.

Follow-up does not have to be a lengthy conversation or essay, but can instead be a simple message to give an update to make sure everyone is on the same page.  It is important to be able to address any questions or concerns and get feedback to help build the relationship.

In the staffing industry, it is crucial to have good follow-up to maintain rapport.  Lack of follow-up can break the trust of candidates and clients. Cadre has been a leader in the staffing industry for over 26 years and a large part of our success is because of our follow-up and how we maintain our relationships. At all times, we want candidates to know where we are at with their job search and clients to know where we are at with sourcing candidates. Successful follow-up in our business helps people find jobs and companies find great, quality staff. We take great pride in our response time and follow-up!