I can still remember the nerves I felt on my first day starting with Cadre.  As nervous as I felt that first day, I don’t think it compared to the nerves I felt on the first day that I no longer had my trainer sitting with me.  While I was glad that I was trusted to be on my own, I thought there was no way I would remember how to do everything.

I was incredibly thankful that I had process documents to refer back to so I could ensure that I completed tasks properly.  Without those documents, my first few months in my new position would have been chaotic and stressful.

As time passed, I didn’t have to rely on them on a day-to-day basis anymore.  Even though I started to become more efficient and consistent with my work, knowing that the step-by-step process was written down somewhere was comforting.

5½ years later, I still refer back to those processes to see how to complete a task.  I also look at them from a different perspective since taking on a role as a Process Writer.

A major part of the Process Writer’s role is to be extremely detailed.  It can become quite tedious at times as it requires looking at all the fine details, performing each action step-by-step and then writing it all out.

Even though it can get monotonous at times, I always keep the feelings I felt during my first weeks at Cadre in the back of my mind.  This is what drives me to be sure that I get the information right.  I take my role seriously, as it is an important part of Team Cadre so that we can continue to provide consistent service for our customers.

Having detailed procedure documents is a crucial part for any company for many reasons, but a major reason is because it makes employees feel more comfortable in their roles.  Employees who are comfortable with their job duties are happy and when you have happy employees, you have a happy and thriving company!