When my middle daughter was in high school, her first job was at a video rental store.

Even though signs were posted at the counter – “Be Kind, Please Rewind” – some customers chose not to rewind their VHS tapes and instead pay the small fee for a video store employee to rewind the tapes.

One of my daughter’s responsibilities was to rewind those VHS tapes.  :o)

Nowadays, the video store concept is from a bygone era, but as the population re-enters into our pre-Covid past lives, the phrase “Be Kind, Please Rewind” has renewed meaning!

Rewind back to 2019 and previous years; remember always to be kind to those you come in contact with.

  • As we reenter the world, we may all look the same on the outside, but that doesn’t mean we are the same on the inside. Our experiences over the last 14 months have made us different people. Be kind.
  • Our beliefs and philosophies may have changed over the last 14 months. We are all entitled to our opinions. Treat others as you want to be treated. Be kind.
  • The way we perform our jobs has changed over the last 14 months. Pride and ownership in one’s work has shifted in that people are used to autonomy. Be kind.
  • Priorities have shifted. What was important 14 months ago may not be important today or vice versa. Be kind.

We emerge as different people, but we have proven to ourselves that we are stronger and better because of it. Embrace what life throws at us and be proud of what we have overcome and who we have become!

Be kind, please rewind.