A couple of weeks ago, I had to tend to some personal business, and for the first time in almost four years, I found myself on an airplane.

On my flight there, I slept and watched the Packer game, but on my way back, because I found myself flying on rather short notice, I did not bring a book or anything to occupy my time.

Seinfeld fans: it was a Puddy moment!  :o)

I love the feeling of flying; the power of takeoff and the speed of the ascent is an amazing feeling. But my absolute favorite part is when we break through the clouds!

As it had been years since I’d flown, I found myself in awe of the bright sun, the strikingly beautiful blue sky and the blanket of perfectly white, puffy clouds underneath the plane.

With time on my hands, as I gazed out the window, I started to ponder the “life analogy”.

Each of us has times when we feel as though there’s a cloud hanging over our head and/or over our life. Certainly, the last couple of years, every human being has felt those clouds in one form or another, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that they definitely felt like thunderstorm clouds!

What occurred to me on the flight was that as thick as those clouds might be, with forward trajectory and momentum, we can and will rise above them, and there is sunshine and blue sky once we break through!

Another year is almost behind us. There are still clouds, and there will always be clouds. Focus not on what you see from below, but rise above it all and look down. Even though there are still clouds, the view is much, much better.

Wishing you all very a Happy New Year!