Does anyone feel as though they need a vacation after a very busy July? :o)

I personally consider July to be the best month of the year, as it is filled with many celebratory days: Cadre’s anniversary, my birthday, my wedding anniversary and several family reunions, to name a few.

Coupled with the fabulous Wisconsin weather and July is the perfect month for funnin’ and sunnin’!

When August hits, a multitude of emotions occur. First off, I wonder where July went! Then the feeling of “oh no, August is here, summer is almost over!”

This year, a feeling of calmness set in as I remind myself to take some time to relax and restore.

Author Alan Cohen is quoted as saying:

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.

In addition to our normally busy lives, juggling and balancing work and home, I think we Wisconsinites tend to run ourselves a little ragged in the summer, as we have such a short window to enjoy the weather.

“We work hard, and we play hard” :o) but we also need to remember to “rest hard”.

“Rest hard” does not mean to shirk our responsibilities, but instead to enjoy the moment:

  • Take a walk and notice your surroundings
  • Take in the greenery, the flowers and all of nature
  • Breathe in the warm days and the cool nights
  • Look up at the night sky and take in the stars

I hope you all can find some restful and restorative moments during the remainder of your summer! :o)